Residing in South Florida for many years and a graduate of F.I.U, I bring a wealth of experience as a published illustrator, graphic designer, inventor, and sculptor. Displaying my work in numerous major art galleries, I boast extensive expertise in professional graphic design. Bilingual in English and Spanish, I navigate the creative landscape using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite as my main tool.


Specializing in a range of services, I can fulfill all your graphic design needs, including logo and catalog design, raw and digital illustration, label and package design (electronics, CBD, food, etc.), car wrap and large sign/banner design, animated GIFs, web design, email promotional design, graphic design, and illustration for T-shirts and apparel. Additionally, I offer T-shirt and apparel printing services, as well as printed signs, banners, car wraps, laser-engraved wood, Plexi, printed flyers, and business cards.


For your comprehensive Graphic Design requirements, feel free to get in touch.



Jorge Roldan


PH: 786.970.2460 • 24/7 • Over Twenty Years of Exceptional Design!